Investment Platforms

Avestus Capital Partners employs more than 40 real estate professionals, each of which are dedicated to one of the firm’s four investment platforms. These platforms operate in an integrated and collaborative manner to provide our investors with multi-disciplinary expertise across each of the major real estate sectors in Ireland and Central Europe. The depth and breadth of experience across each of the platforms enables us to determine where value is most compelling in the markets where we operate and enhances our ability to source, deploy and manage capital in an optimal manner across these markets. A brief overview of each of these investment platforms is set out below.


The Commercial Investment platform at Avestus Capital Partners has extensive experience of investing in and managing commercial property assets during all phases of the market cycle. The platform takes a disciplined, methodical approach to investment, utilising the team’s expertise in improving fundamental value through active asset management, including refurbishment, repositioning and re-leasing)as opposed to a reliance on future economic or market trends. The Platform has substantial experience in investing across various strategies, including core, core-plus, opportunistic and value-added, and in multiple jurisdictions across Western Europe, including Ireland, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The platform’s expertise has also been used to invest in highly complex capital structures, incorporating equity, debt and hybrid instruments.


Following the establishment of its residential development platform in 2013, Avestus Capital Partners became one of the first real estate firms to participate in the recovery of the deeply distressed Irish residential development sector. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Richmond Homes, the platform is now one of the leading private residential developers in the country, with a land portfolio which has the potential to deliver in the region of 3,000 homes to the Greater Dublin area. It is a fully integrated platform which manages each of its projects from conception to delivery by way of its dedicated, expert in-house teams. By maintaining creative and operational control over each project, Richmond Homes aims to produce exceptional places to live which set the highest standards in design and construction and never compromises on integrity, safety and customer service. The platform seeks to enhance its performance through a combination of development strategies including the planning, construction and sale of single-family homes, apartment complexes and PRS assets. For more information on Richmond Homes’ residential development activities, please visit


Since 2014, Avestus Capital Partners has played a leading role in the establishment of a professionally managed institutional standard private rented sector (PRS) in Ireland, resulting in its dedicated platform acquiring and managing one of the largest portfolios of rental apartments in the country. Operating under the HAVITAT brand, the platform offers tenants a best-in-class rental experience, with the provision of high-quality well-maintained accommodation, facilities that compliment the amenities in the local area and attentive customer service. The platform is also wholly focused on improving the tenant-landlord dynamic, offering tailored on-site and off-site services which foster a long-lasting leasing relationships. The platform also leverages its deep network of relationships, working closely with other stakeholders including developers, financiers and planners, in order to deliver new well-located purpose-built rental assets to the Irish market. As a committed long-term PRS investor, we remain diligently focused on further contributing to the constructive evolution of this sector in Ireland.


Avestus Capital Partners has built a strong reputation over many years as a trusted real estate developer and investor in Central Europe. Through its subsidiary, Avestus Real Estate, the Central European platform has been active across all asset types including office, retail, hospitality and residential. The platform’s track record in the region spans more than 20 years, with Avestus Real Estate successfully delivering more than 2 million square metres of commercial property over this period. The platform’s team of highly experienced specialists continues to source, acquire, build, lease and manage development assets in the region, as well as providing a full range of advisory services to institutional property owners and investors. For more information on Avestus Real Estate’s activities, please visit